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Blue Ear Party Earrings

Great addition to a bright and airy look!



Get the party started with our Ear Party Earrings! These couldn’t be more fun if they tried, and they’re sure to turn heads wherever you wear them. 

Material Notes

Pierced head: hypoallergenic brass with 18k gold plate 

Clip on head: hypoallergenic zinc based alloy

Tassels: cotton thread

Incredibly light weight- each earring only weighs about 0.4 ounces!

Roughly 3.5 inches long


Designed and handmade with love in Nashville, TN. No two are exactly alike!


FREE shipping on orders over $250. FREE porch pickup available for Nashville customers. Read our full shipping and return policy here.

We reccommend giving each earring a good fluff when they come out of the box for maximum wow factor!