Founders, Mary Cayten and Stephanie, stand in front of their home. Mary Cayten is wearing the Carolyn skirt in branded stripe and the Allie top in white. Stephanie is wearing the Harriet dress in cartwheel. Both women are wearing the coral Ear Party earrings.

What is Brakefields?

Started by a mother/daughter duo, Brakefields is passionate about universal design. We believe that when you buy a universally designed product, you not only get a great item for yourself, but you also make it more accessible for everyone.

We love all things fun and colorful, and we stand behind the importance of fashion AND function. Dedicated to making pieces that are beautiful, comfortable and accessible, Brakefields wants you to look and feel great regardless of what your day throws your way!


Some of our

favorite features...

Soft stretch fabrics and elastic waists make for a flattering and comfortable fit on every body!

Maggie and Bri show off the pull loops found on the hem of the Allie top and the waist of the Carolyn skirt.

Pull loops at skirt waists and shirt hems make for easy dressing if you need them- and stay completely out of the way if you don’t!

Deep, dual access pockets are equally as great for holding your keys as an insulin pump!

Latest Stories

Get to know Brakefields by reading about who we’re inspired by, updates from the brand, behind the scenes of our design process, and more!

A happy, young family consisting of a mother, father and toddler boy are smiling at the camera and holding a huge orange balloon.

Allie Schmidt

Because Brakefields started during the height of the COVID pandemic, the vast majority of our research and customer discovery was conducted virtually. Allie Schmidt was the very

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Molly, a white brunette, stands laughing loudly in front of a bright blue wall with two pink forearm crutches. She is wearing black pants and a black and white striped top.

Molly Farrell

If you’re a fan of fashionable, functional clothing you need to run, not walk, RUN, to Molly Farrell’s Instagram. Molly’s page,, first caught our

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